Should I Drink Green Tea?

As consumers and writers of content about healthy eating and naturopathic medicine, we hear about some well-known home remedies on a daily basis.

In fact, one of the most talked about natural medicines is green tea, not only because people recommend drinking it but also because many people don’t understand:

Why drink green tea on an empty stomach?

Why? Because green tea is not only good for your health, but it also makes you fit and keeps your figure. It has been shown that green tea can have an extremely positive effect on blood lipid levels and metabolism and can also significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory effects are attributed to it.

You may wonder why this is so crucial at the beginning of the day? This is because the effect of green tea or green tea extract in dietary supplement form is particularly effective on an empty stomach, as was also demonstrated in a recent study. When taken with breakfast, the effects of green tea are much less present and active.

Is green tea good for weight loss?

Yes, clinical studies have shown that green tea limits the absorption of glucose in fat cells. In addition, it stimulates metabolism. Other studies have shown that a few cups a day can help you burn about 70 more calories a day, and when it comes to weight loss, every calorie burned counts.

Is green tea good for your stomach?

In this case, we answer that it is best to avoid caffeine if you have inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Green tea, on the other hand, is excellent for gastritis. It contains many important antioxidants that deal with toxic cells in your body.

Does green tea help constipation?

Yes, it can also stimulate digestion in case of constipation. Both green and black tea can have a laxative effect. This tea can help with acute constipation. However, be careful not to consume too much, otherwise, it could turn into the opposite.

Which green tea is the best?

It is likely that after reading the previous paragraph, many people have concerns regarding what type of green tea is the best quality, well, here we bring you the answer.

There are clear differences in green tea. For example, Gyokuru and Matcha have the highest caffeine content and are therefore the best variants to consume in the morning. Bancha, on the other hand, has a fairly low caffeine content and is therefore best tolerated in the afternoon. Sencha, on the other hand, has the highest percentage of catechins and is a good choice throughout the day.

What are the properties of green tea?

Now that you know just one of the reasons why you should drink green tea, you may still be wondering what other reasons there are to drink it, because we will tell you that also, from a fitness perspective, green tea ingredients can be found in many dietary products. The catechins in green tea are responsible for this, especially for its component called EGCG.

In this way, green tea can help, for example, to release fatty acids from adipose tissue. This process is called lipolysis and this in turn is stimulated, for example, by adrenaline, which is why green tea is so invigorating, especially when combined with coffee.

The caffeine in coffee can trigger an adrenaline rush, and the catechins in green tea slow down its degradation. It’s fit, and efficient and body fat is “harnessed”.

Does green tea work for dark circles under the eyes?

People also asked if this spice cures those dark spots under the eyes and the answer is yes, the caffeine contained in green tea and the high proportion of tannins have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on dark circles under the eyes. Gardening enthusiasts simply take a green tea bag, soak it briefly in cold water, and put the tea bag on their eyes.


With this blog, you can realize that there are many reasons why you should drink green tea, that it is a beverage with many medicinal properties and that it can even help you stay awake when you feel you have no more energy.

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