From its origin to its properties, find out everything you need to know about the cereals you eat. Do not miss it!

What is Chia? Get to Know It Through and Through Here

In this blog we’ll show you the characteristics of chia, its main types, properties, history, main exporters and importers, how it is cultivated, and some products made from this seed. Don’t miss it!   What is chia and what are its characteristics?    Scientific name Salvia hispanica Common name Chia Place of origin Central and southern Mexico, […]

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Complete Guide to SESAME – All you Need to Know

Have you heard of sesame seeds? You may have seen them somewhere, for example, on top of hamburger buns. In this blog you’ll learn what sesame is, its morphological characteristics, what varieties there are, its benefits, where it originated, how is the industry currently, how it is cultivated, and what are some of the by-products

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All the Information that Existent about Corn

In this blog we’ll show you the characteristics of corn (both the fruit and the plant), the main types of corn, its properties, history, main exporters and importers, how it is grown and some products made from this cereal. Don’t miss it!   What is corn and what are its characteristics?      Scientific name  Zea mays Common name Corn, maíz, elote o choclo. Place of origin Mesoamérica Habitat Wide range of temperatures and compact soils. Distribution North and South America

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All the Facts about Oatmeal that you didn’t Expected

In this blog we’ll show you the characteristics of oats (both the cereal and the plant), its properties, history, main producers and importers, how it is cultivated, its forms of use and some products made from this important cereal. Don’t miss it!    What is oats and what are its characteristics?  Scientific name Avena sativa Common name Oatmeal Place of origin Central Asia Habitat Temperate temperatures, mostly cold. Deep and sandy soils. Distribution North America, Europe and

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