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Here we meet all lovers of good food!

Are you nourishing your body as you wish? Food is the engine of the human being, which is why in Food Nutrients Info you can learn about different important aspects of what you consume in your day to day. Do not miss it!

Meet our team

Frank Spitzer


Born in Zürich, Switzerland, I worked in the financial industry for 20 years, until I decided to leave my country and start my own business. To learn a language, culture and build a network, I did an MBA at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá. My goal is to create a sustainable business in the Colombian context.

Ana María Parra


I am a professional in Modern Languages with an emphasis in business translation. I have experience as an SEO writer, editor, proofreader and Spanish-English-Spanish translator of web content. I also work on web design, SEO, ads and affiliate marketing.

Paula Andrea Sánchez


I'm Andrea Sánchez, a professional in Modern Languages with an emphasis on digital communication. I have lived with pets all my life and my mother always instilled in me a love for them. That's why I want to teach you through my experience for 16 years with 6 pets in total, the best way to care for them and how to handle any situation.

Laura Juliana Nieto


I am a professional in modern languages with an emphasis on digital communication, a lover of creating written and graphic content for digital media. I know the importance that pets have in our lives, since all my life I have lived with different pets, and right now I have a dog named Ámbar and for this reason I want to inform people so that they can give them a better quality of life.